*Please note that final pricing will be determined by your stylist.  Factors that can affect pricing are length, thickness & condition of your hair, the style that you want (simplicity vs intricacy), and overall time and work/skill required to achieve desired style.


WE ARE CASHLESS, we request payment with Visa or Mastercard.

***We appreciate tips, but only if you have received excellent service!  If you would like to leave a tip for your stylist, please do so with cash or an app such as CashApp or GooglePay. 


LOCS                                                                                      LOOSE (YOUR OWN NATURAL HAIR)  $75+

Beginner Locs                      $95+

Loc Grooming                      $70+                                             Two strand twists

Loc Grooming & Styling     $90+                                             Flat twists

                                                                                                     Flat twist/two strand twist protective style/updo

Add on Services:                                                                       Coils/Gel Twists

Loc trimming, pruning        $15+                                            Cornrows

Locs detox                              $15+                                           Curls (flexirods or hard rod set)

                                                                                                     Bantu knots

Treatments & Trims                                                                  Specialty/Customized Style

Deep Conditioning/treatments   $25+                                  Transitioning Style (at least 1/2 natural hair)

 Trims & Cuts                                  $25+


Natural Hair Coloring (NO BLEACH)                                                                                            

Application                                   $30+

Price Per Bottle                              $12