Urban Natural Hair specializes in NATURAL HAIR CARE & SERVICES!  We offer a comfortable and relaxing salon experience with good vibes, great smells, and smooth sounds.

We want to help educate you about YOUR OWN NATURAL HAIR!  Use your service as an informational session. Feel free to ask questions or gain a professional perspective on your hair or a style, cut, treatment, or color  in which you may be interested.

We use quality natural products and would advise you to do the same for at home care.  Stressing the importance of hair care, we provide most loose hair services while wet and well moisturized. We may blow dry (upon request) to stretch, but not straighten.  Our listed services are intended for YOUR OWN NATURAL HAIR-not the store bought kind!

Urban Natural likes to work WITH your natural texture, not against it! .  We do NOT offer any straightening services (blow dry or flat iron) AT ALL. Embrace the coils, kinks, curls, and waves! Embrace the NATURAL!:)

What our Clients Say About Us

‘Kinky Hair IS Good Hair’

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